Holiday to Anglesey

I have been on Holiday!

Not just me I should add, I took Caroline and Richard with me so that I could be chauffeured around.   It was a holiday to the Isle of Anglesey, but luckily no boat required, just a bridge.

Lots of walks and a rather nice hotel.  The best bit was they allowed humans to eat in the bar with us hounds and dogs.  One night we had six dogs and hounds together with their staff all eating together, very merry.


Timmy in Wales Timmy in Wales-2

Water Water Everywhere – Holidays

Timmy on the Beach

Its been an exciting week here in the Brown Family.  While my noisy feathered sisters had to stay at home (the chickens) and my big brother Oz guarded the house (Oz the Corn Snake); Richard, Caroline and myself went away for a few days.

The first trip was just a day out to the beach, but I had lots of fun running on the sand, the second trip lasted several days and we got to visit new places to sleep, new pubs to eat in and I encountered strange new creatures called kittens.Southwold Pier with Caroline & Timmy

We stopped in an old converted barn, Caroline and Richard had to sleep in a strange bed but I made them bring my usual bed with them in the car, no strange beds for me.  The bedroom was a little confusing as it had these things called french doors, outside there was a lovely view of a pond but the french doors have this stuff called glass going from floor to ceiling and it was not until I bumped my noise that I realised the glass was in the way.  I ate outside next to the pond at the barn enjoying the view.

We shared the barn with some kittens which I ignored as you just could not get a sensible conversation out of them.  Too interested in catnip, wool and climbing curtains, a rather dangerous enterprise I think you will agree.

The pub where Richard and Caroline had their evening meals had a number of dogs in it also visiting the area, including one called Boo a large standard poodle who lived there.  With me being a greyhound I was allowed to sit with Richard and Caroline while they ate.

The days were long and lots of walking was involved, some of the shops allowed dogs in and we went to investigate, others did not (did they not realise I am a Hound not a lowly Dog).

One place we visited was very exciting.  It was called a pier and you could walk on it and have the sea crash under your feet, very exciting.  The coffee shop on the pier also allowed me in, and Richard and Caroline had hot chocolate and I had some cake that Richard dropped on my head!  I am sure he meant to pass it me but these things happen.

Over all an exciting time and I look forward to my next adventure with great interest.

Beauty Parlour Time

Fireside Hound

While I am sure will agree a most handsome hound, even I have to work at it occasionally.  As I had a holiday coming up I thought it was time to have a trip to the local beauty parlour and get my nails done.

I understand human females often get their nails done as well and I understand my human cousin Hannah has even had false nails put on at the human beauty parlour.

I did not need to go that far, I just needed a bit of a trim; while Richard and Caroline do their best sometimes you just need a professional to do the job properly.

Luckily there is one just a few miles away in the next village and then could fit me in straight away.

Richard was a little nervous about it at first so I had to distract him by making me feed me lots of gravy bones.  It was soon and my nails were looking lovely all ready for my holiday.

Seeing Birds


A sunny day so Richard and Caroline dragged me from my comfy bed into the car.  Its not as bad as it sounds as Caroline has also made me a nice comfy bed for me to lie on in the back of their red estate car, so I can sleep in there too.

After a short ride ride in the car, hardly worth having a nap for we arrived at Whisby Nature Reserve.

In the car park we met up briefly with lots of other greyhounds who had just had a walk.

Lots and lots of lovely smells and you would not believe the amount of noise the birds can make.  We went past one island and all you could see were birds in every direction.

We went on a very long walk round some of the lakes stopping occasionally for a water break in using my new plastic foldable water bowl, but even though it was a long tiring walk.

I enjoyed it but was glad to be back to the car for a small snooze before getting home for a nap.  Its hard work being a greyhound.


Little People

Had another trip out in the car today and we visited Grandad Turner, when we got there there was lots of people around including two very load little people.  It seems with humans the smaller you are the more noise you make.

Anyway they greeted me correctly and showed due deference with ear runs and then Richard and the two little people who it turns out are called Ethan and Sofia two me on a walk round the village and some fields.

It was a big circular walk and we ended back at Grandad Turners house where the humans ate lots of smelly food including sausages and bacon, but they did not let me have any.  Instead Ethan and Sofia’s mum Alison gave me extra cuddles and extra ear rubs which were nice but not as nice as those sausages looked.

After Richard had eaten (four sausages, I counted), he took me into the kitchen and fed me three sardines and some kibble.  I ate the sardines as they where yummy but left the kibble and went back to see if any of those sausages would leap off the plates into my tummy.

Despite my best attempts none did so in the end I had to settle with finishing my tea and eating the remainder of the kibble, which was not fair as all I could smell was sausage and bacon.

Countryside Walk followed by a Pub Visit

Sunday Country Walk

Its been a busy few days with lots of new smells around.  We had Grandmother Brown and Grandfather Turner visit so lots of new people to train on how to give ear rubs.

Then this Sunday we had a long walk in the countryside.  It was a very long walk and I had to keep stopping for Richard to take pictures of me.  Later that day they took me to the pub.  Lots and lots of new people complementing me and lots of ear rubs too.

Timmy's first visit to the Pub

I could get to like this village.