Mountain Climbing Hounds


Today I had some more treats arrive.

A new travel bowl, a rope lead, and for some strange reason a harness.  Now I know I have lead a sheltered life, mainly on the race tracks of Ireland and England but why does a hound need a harness, I don’t know what kind of ideas Richard & Caroline have but I am certainly not going mountain climbing.


In turns out they want me to wear it when we go out in the car to help keep me safe.

Also I would like to recommend the people at ActiveHounds they sent me a free bag of treats – Thank you 😉

The Emperor has his new Clothes

The Nellie Collar

I have now been in the Brown household for five days and I am slowly getting them trained.  The first few days I had tripe for breakfast, one of my favourites and some mackerel for tea with a little kibble on the side.

While the food service has been excellent the plain leather collars were not really my cup of tea.

Tuesday was a nice surprise when Caroline made me a nice house coat but today I had a very nice beautiful house collar presented to me, this was called ‘The Nellie Collar’ from the nice lady at, as you can see in the picture above of me resting in my new collar, its rather spectacular.

Then to top of the day I had a nice fresh raw chicken for tea.  Many humans are fearful of feeding us canines raw chicken and raw chicken bones, but they are delightful and so crunchy.  The mistake humans make is to cook them, this spoils the bones and makes them brittle and sharp to our mouths.