Seeing Birds


A sunny day so Richard and Caroline dragged me from my comfy bed into the car.  Its not as bad as it sounds as Caroline has also made me a nice comfy bed for me to lie on in the back of their red estate car, so I can sleep in there too.

After a short ride ride in the car, hardly worth having a nap for we arrived at Whisby Nature Reserve.

In the car park we met up briefly with lots of other greyhounds who had just had a walk.

Lots and lots of lovely smells and you would not believe the amount of noise the birds can make.  We went past one island and all you could see were birds in every direction.

We went on a very long walk round some of the lakes stopping occasionally for a water break in using my new plastic foldable water bowl, but even though it was a long tiring walk.

I enjoyed it but was glad to be back to the car for a small snooze before getting home for a nap.  Its hard work being a greyhound.