Little People

Had another trip out in the car today and we visited Grandad Turner, when we got there there was lots of people around including two very load little people.  It seems with humans the smaller you are the more noise you make.

Anyway they greeted me correctly and showed due deference with ear runs and then Richard and the two little people who it turns out are called Ethan and Sofia two me on a walk round the village and some fields.

It was a big circular walk and we ended back at Grandad Turners house where the humans ate lots of smelly food including sausages and bacon, but they did not let me have any.  Instead Ethan and Sofia’s mum Alison gave me extra cuddles and extra ear rubs which were nice but not as nice as those sausages looked.

After Richard had eaten (four sausages, I counted), he took me into the kitchen and fed me three sardines and some kibble.  I ate the sardines as they where yummy but left the kibble and went back to see if any of those sausages would leap off the plates into my tummy.

Despite my best attempts none did so in the end I had to settle with finishing my tea and eating the remainder of the kibble, which was not fair as all I could smell was sausage and bacon.

Countryside Walk followed by a Pub Visit

Sunday Country Walk

Its been a busy few days with lots of new smells around.  We had Grandmother Brown and Grandfather Turner visit so lots of new people to train on how to give ear rubs.

Then this Sunday we had a long walk in the countryside.  It was a very long walk and I had to keep stopping for Richard to take pictures of me.  Later that day they took me to the pub.  Lots and lots of new people complementing me and lots of ear rubs too.

Timmy's first visit to the Pub

I could get to like this village.

Mountain Climbing Hounds


Today I had some more treats arrive.

A new travel bowl, a rope lead, and for some strange reason a harness.  Now I know I have lead a sheltered life, mainly on the race tracks of Ireland and England but why does a hound need a harness, I don’t know what kind of ideas Richard & Caroline have but I am certainly not going mountain climbing.


In turns out they want me to wear it when we go out in the car to help keep me safe.

Also I would like to recommend the people at ActiveHounds they sent me a free bag of treats – Thank you 😉

The Emperor has his new Clothes

The Nellie Collar

I have now been in the Brown household for five days and I am slowly getting them trained.  The first few days I had tripe for breakfast, one of my favourites and some mackerel for tea with a little kibble on the side.

While the food service has been excellent the plain leather collars were not really my cup of tea.

Tuesday was a nice surprise when Caroline made me a nice house coat but today I had a very nice beautiful house collar presented to me, this was called ‘The Nellie Collar’ from the nice lady at, as you can see in the picture above of me resting in my new collar, its rather spectacular.

Then to top of the day I had a nice fresh raw chicken for tea.  Many humans are fearful of feeding us canines raw chicken and raw chicken bones, but they are delightful and so crunchy.  The mistake humans make is to cook them, this spoils the bones and makes them brittle and sharp to our mouths.


My first Full day and Training Day 1

CountrySide Walk

It started well, I got them up at 5.30 am for a toilet break and then at 6.30 am I persuaded Richard to take me for a nice long hours walk through the countryside.

Breakfast was then kibble and tripe and then a rest.

I was then all set for a hard days snoozing but unfortunately Caroline had other ideas and dragged me across country fields to a local car boot sale.  Seems to be an event in which dogs have to walk humans past cars of odd smelling artefacts and try to persuade them to stop at the food stands.  Caroline could not be persuaded so we then walked back home.

In the afternoon after lots of snoozing I started my alone training.  You see humans can suffer separation anxiety when apart from their master greyhounds, so I sent them away for five minutes to see how they coped while I did a bit more quality snoozing.  After the five minutes they came back and I got down to a bit more snoozing.

It will be tea time soon so I am off now for another nap before tea.  Then I hope to find some time for a sleep before bedtime.  Its tough finding enough hours in the day for quality snoozing before bedtime.


Gotcha Day

Driving Home First Walk Checking out the Village Fireside Hound

After a nice tripe breakfast, it was a manicure, ear clean and a new collar.  What was going on?  Gill at the Gainsborough Kennels of the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust then fed me a lovely chicken foot.  Everyone was being too nice to me.  My nose was definitely getting more and more suspicious.

I was then very pleased to see Richard and Caroline visit, a few ear rubs and while I had water they had coffee for Richard and tea for Caroline.

Then on with a new coat and a short walk to a rather nice red car with a big dog bed and blanket in the boot, well I did not need asking twice, so up I jumped.

After a short ride they took me for a walk round a new village I had not seen before.  A strange village as there are chickens on the High Street, walking around bold as brass!  I ignored them as I was still full from the chicken foot and tripe earlier.

After the walk instead of getting back in the car we went into this bungalow and I was introduced to each room.

I soon found a nice place to crash on the mat in front of the fire.

It was soon dinner time and Richard fed me some kibble, then after an evening walk they took me into a large bedroom, it had a large human bed at one end and a large dog bed at the other.

Richard and Caroline went to bed so I settled down on the dog bed.  It slowly dawned on me that this might just be my new forever home, with happy thoughts of this my Gotcha Day (Adoption Day as humans say) I went to sleep and dreamt of chickens feet and the High Street in which Chickens can cross the road without their motives being questioned.

Resting in the House at Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust Gainsborough

Timmy at LGT

Being the very important Greyhounds that we are, today me and Sox was invited into Gills house to spend the day.

I suspect it was because Ireland was playing today in the rugby six nations competition, and as I am Irish myself, I like to give them my support.

Then we had two surprise visitors.  First this very noisy strange two wheeled thing turned up.  I later found out it was a BMW GS motorcycle, and Gill suggested that if it had a side car, I could get a leather jacket and goggles and go for a ride.  Not sure if I fancy that, I much prefer a nice warm car or even better the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust Van.  Anyway back to the story; from off this rather strange two wheeled thing, two strange creatures got off.

From the smell I suspected it was Richard and Caroline who visited us a couple of weeks ago and gave us lots of nice ear rubs, but these figures looked nothing like them.

Well imagine my surprise when they seemed to pull their heads off, and yes my rather long and very brilliant nose had not let me down; it was Richard and Caroline.  It turned out they were wearing things called ‘crash helmets’.  Now I have no idea why you would want to wear these things and then go out crashing; personally I prefer crashing out on my bed in front of a nice warm fire.  Still humans are strange.

They stayed for tea, coffee and ear rubs before once again pulling on those strange additional heads and jumping on that motorcycle and riding off.

I was a little sad to see them go as I am getting them well trained now in ear rubs but it was time for tea and rugby.

To top off a rather fun day Ireland won.  The rugby team is not quite as successful as I was in my racing career but it was good to see them win.