Winter walks – a cool but safe dress sense

One thing I do like is a regular walk, one around 6am to 7am, one at 12 noon, another to give me an appetite around 4pm but for some reason the staff have this thing called work which means they are always an hour late, making it more like 5pm.

I then have one last walk before settling down at night.

When one is a greyhound and an ex athlete one has very little fat on the bones, unlike other more inferior dogs; well I am a hound! So a good selection of coats and collars is an essential part of ones wardrobe.

This winter has been relatively mild but we have had a few cold and snowy days and on those days when the light is poor and I have my morning village inspection to do, my bright orange working coat is the one I call on for duty. When its extra cold a scarf is also essential.


So it has been an odd year so far, after January’s nice walk with a pack of hounds we have all been cooped up for the last few months saying at home. Something called COVID-19 is causing all the humans to stay home.

There is a good side to this, always having someone around to get me a treat, the downside is they try and steal the settee. Don’t they know all furniture belongs to me!

Recently we have been able to go out a little so I was told it was time for my first visit to the beach.

The best bit is the chips, not so sure about the sand under by paws and the sea was shall we say interesting. I decided to keep out, I am after all a hound of distinction, swimming with the other dogs is not really something I should do. I have to keep up the standards.


I had an early tea today, this Friday and it was a good job too. Richard & Caroline came to visit again but not satisfied with seeing me I was grabbed, stuffed in the back of their car and taken off.

At least there is a comfy sofa where I am now. I’ll post another update as soon as I can.