My first Full day and Training Day 1

CountrySide Walk

It started well, I got them up at 5.30 am for a toilet break and then at 6.30 am I persuaded Richard to take me for a nice long hours walk through the countryside.

Breakfast was then kibble and tripe and then a rest.

I was then all set for a hard days snoozing but unfortunately Caroline had other ideas and dragged me across country fields to a local car boot sale.  Seems to be an event in which dogs have to walk humans past cars of odd smelling artefacts and try to persuade them to stop at the food stands.  Caroline could not be persuaded so we then walked back home.

In the afternoon after lots of snoozing I started my alone training.  You see humans can suffer separation anxiety when apart from their master greyhounds, so I sent them away for five minutes to see how they coped while I did a bit more quality snoozing.  After the five minutes they came back and I got down to a bit more snoozing.

It will be tea time soon so I am off now for another nap before tea.  Then I hope to find some time for a sleep before bedtime.  Its tough finding enough hours in the day for quality snoozing before bedtime.


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